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I started my first music blog in 2010 while hosting my college on-air broadcast, Radio Stevie. After ending my show the attached music blog took the back seat. During my final year of college I switched blog topics and starting writing The Stabilizing Zone, a community blog about my experiences in New Haven, Connecticut. While I love writing for The Stabilizing Zone, I am thrilled to revisit my true passion for music journalism. Now that school has ended and I have settled into my post college work schedule I am excited to begin a new blogging journey.

During  my music blog hiatus I discovered a different way to explore the music industry. I became an intern for The Gathering of the Vibes music festival my senior year. While interning I worked at the Vibes headquarters as an office and marketing assistant. I also began working artist hospitality at popular music events like Rock N Roll Resort and Greenwich Town Party. Before I knew it I was working closely with musical acts such as Paul Simon, The Wailers, Kirk Franklin and Willie Nelson. This behind the scenes experience has given me a new view of Show Business.


The Beginning

Music is in my blood. I come from a long list of gospel singers and musicians. My mom was a choir director and my brother Quan is currently a gospel singer and songwriter. As a kid I spent hours with my aunt and her boyfriend who were local DJs during the 90’s hip-hop era. In my younger years I learned to play the trombone because of my great uncle. The list goes on and on. I was born to be involved in music.

I am very fortunate to have grown up in a home where music played an important role. As a child my parents played everything from The Ohio Players to Michael Jackson. My dad is an oldies fan while my mom was a mix of contemporary and classics. I started to explore other genres as I got older. I developed a love for pop, synthpop, classic rock and post-punk. Today, I will listen to everything from classical music and jazz to electronic and bluegrass.

My musical upbringing has left a huge mark on my life. When I was a kid my brother and I would sit around and bang on coffee cans or shoe boxes. We created an entire universe of music using our imagination. When we learned to dub our vocals on a karaoke machine the ideas were endless. While I am not the best singer, I have developed a passion for writing music. Writing music turned into short stories, then journals and finally blogs. I believe writing music columns is my true calling! It makes perfect sense.

So here we go! Expect all styles of music on #nowstreaming. No limits. We will go wherever the headphones take us.

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