September 19, 2013

I was featured in local blog I Love New Haven this week for their Fashion Friday series. The photo was taken at the opening reception for the “Disturbing the Comfortable” exhibition at my new office in the Audubon Arts District.

Visit I Love New Haven and see the other local fashionistas!

August 16, 2013

Camping in Colorado
Rocky Mountain High
July 24 – 28, 2013


What is happiness?

Clips: Ellusionist & The Mill
Beat Production: DJ Daddio
Lyrics/ Vocals: Radio Stevie

Best Sandwich Spot in New Haven, CT
July 21, 2013

photo (5)
Book Trader Cafe is home to great eats and good books. Most of their sandwiches are named after popular authors. Their sandwich, A Tale of Two Turkeys was voted best sandwich in the US by Travel Channel’s Adam Richman. Pictured here is the Veggie Burger made from quinoa and lentils.

My Friends are Cool.
June 2013

the pulp girls, radio stevie, ify

This is one of my besties, Ify. She is killin’ it for vintage clothing co., The Pulp Girls.
Little Italy, #NHV

Happy Birthday to Me!
May 5, 2013 – San Francisco, California


I freaking love my friends!
Last weekend in April


This is my awesome friend Kelly who embellished her outfit with the head of a Ted costume. Another friend of mine wore the entire costume to a house party in the East Rock district of New Haven. It was the final showing of the Night Rainbow in New Haven exhibit and my hooper friends had just finished their performance. Ah, smells like summer! Time to get buckety!!!

Comfort Zone, Part II
April 30, 2013

Last #mylife segment I mentioned how I worked artist hospitality at Rock N Roll Resort. After fumbling through my phone I realized there were some videos I captured and needed to share. I am lucky to have been able to work artist hospitality and stand on stage with some of my favorite bands. Not many people can say they hung out with Soulive and Nigel Hall to name a few. It is truly an honor! I didn’t capture much, but here is a little taste of the BIG magic that happened at the tiny rager!

Comfort Zone
April 17, 2013

Well, I guess it is true that life begins outside of your comfort zone. The past 2 weeks have been all about challenging myself to go outside of my normal routine. I managed a stage at a large music event in Bridgeport, Connecticut, managed the green rooms and artist hospitality at Rock N Roll Resort without my usual team and today I am playing a stripper in the new Stepkids video. Sometimes, you just got to do it — and do it well! #mylife

So, What Do You Do?
April 2, 2013

Sometimes I get to be really creative at work and let out my inner princess.
I made this inspiration board highlighting spring wedding trends at The Green Bride Guide.
I do not usually like to show things I’m doing at work, but I liked this one.


A Lasting Memory
March 21, 2013

Thursday marked seven years since my Mom passed away. To cherish her legacy my family tries to do something in her honor every year. It usually consists of us eating at a restaurant while discussing memories about my Mom or Glink as my family calls her. Normally my brother and I would play the music that once filled our home as kids like Stevie Wonder, Toni Braxton and Faith Evans. We had t-shirts made with her nickname in 2006, and in 2007 we spread rose petals on her gravesite. While all of these acts captured beautiful memories – I wanted to make this year extra special. After all, my Mom’s dying wishes were coming full circle. I completed my degree and started a career with a promising start up, and my brother launched his debut EP “No Walls.” He had finally discovered his voice and was being recognized by his musical peers playing several shows as an artist and not just a singer. These were the 2 things my Mom told my Dad to make sure would happen when he drove her to Mt. Sinai in New York on March 21, 2006. After the challenging seven years of dark depression, heated arguments and personal growth, it felt like my brother and I reached a point in our lives where we both had something to be proud of. We had finally become the men my Mom always believed in and to recognize her endless support I wanted to reward her with a special memorial that went beyond our yearly tradition.


This year instead of dinner and conversations about what we should do next year, we planted Blooming Heart Favors at her gravesite. I grabbed 12 hearts from my office at The Green Bride where my inspiration began thanks to our partnership with Steve Dines of Cast Paper Art. Since my start at Green Bride Guide I have been giving these favors as gifts to close friends and thought it would be a great activity for my family this year. Each of the 12 hearts represented a person closest to my Mom. My Grandmother and aunt joined my brother and me along with my cousin who has been a close part of our home. We laughed and smiled as we planted the handmade favors embedded with perennial wildflower seeds. I even wore the t-shirt that my parents bought me on registration day when I first started college. Like my Mother’s endless love, these hearts will bloom each year reminding us of her eternal soul and support. Now we have something to look forward to on her birthday when we visit in August. I am eager to see her earthy smile every year.

To create an endless memory of your own with Blooming Heart Favors visit Green Bride Guide today!

#nowstreaming “Keep the Faith” by my brother, Quan


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